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This is to report that on the 1st of October 2002, at the request of Mr Larry Greetham of The Celtic Stud Gundaroo, I examined the stallion, Kilharken.

Kilharken is a 7 year old, Irish Draught grey stallion, branded R over I D on the left shoulder and 9 over 5 on the right shoulder. He also has a clover leaf brand on his left thigh. He measured 17.1 and a half hands high.

Kilharken is an impressive horse with a very powerful front end. His strong points from a veterinary viewpoint are the bone in his limbs, the straightness through the knee and fetlock and the feet size and shape. He is slightly weaker behind although he was in his ''working clothes'' being brought straight out of the breeding paddock. He is a little straight behind and would definitely suit mares that were sickle hocked. All his palpable joints were normal and he flexed his lower joints through the full range of movement. He did have three small splints that were of no concern and were just under the knees and one hock. Otherwise his legs were clean of any defects.

Kilharken has a good termperament and appeared easily trainable as was seen by the free jumping exercises he performed. He is athletic for his size with a good pickup in front when jumping.

He would make a good sire to correct mares with light bone, offset knees, poor feet conformation or weak fetlocks. He should put height into his foals yet still maintain his progeny's agility. I measured his testicular width (a good measure of reproductive capacity) at 130mm. The average for light horses of all ages is 102mm.

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