The breeding services available at Piplyn Lodge include either hand service or artificial insemination for your mare.  The hand service includes the two resident stallions "Kilharken" and "Lord of the Manor".  It also includes visiting stallions such as "Mocoso" an Andalusian who is generally available to serve mares December and January. 

The service includes teasing, preparation for covering, covering, presentation for ultrasound scanning to detect pregnancy and the possibility of twins.



Lord of the Manor serving a mare.


The AI service includes teasing, use of hormones to synchronise timing of oeustrus, presentation for follicle testing, use of hormones to synchronise timing of ovulation, presentation for insemination and presentation for ultrasound scanning.

The vet Jack Laing of Bungendore Veterinary Surgery performing a follice test of a mare with an ultrasound scanner.