Some horse people describe Piplyn Lodge as a horse heaven. While the property may look idyllic at times, it is doubtful that we could ever achieve a horse’s heaven- at least one study has shown that a horse in its natural state would roam an area of 2000 acres or 800 ha.  However, we do make every effort to make a good envrionment for horses with padocks that have shelter, are weed fee and have good pasture. 

This above photo was taken 10/01/2016 clearly shows the progress of the tree lanes in the Eastern portion of the property.


We incorporate scientific techniques into the husbandry of all animals in our care. More importantly there is no distinction in the level of care provided between boarders and our own horses. Indeed, our own horses share the same paddocks, feed and facilities as the boarders.  Horses are placed into similar gender and age groups.  Weanlings and yearlings are all paddocked with older, wiser 'babysitters'.

The husbandry regime provided horses beyond the feed and pasture include:

  • Drench — six weeks except for late term broodmares and foals.
  • Farrier — every six weeks for horses in work and foals, every 12 weeks for others.
  • Dentist — every six months.

Other facilities available at Piplyn include a full size, flood lit dressage arena with a tack shed including an adjacent saddling yard.

 We are pleased that horses and people feel happy and relaxed at Piplyn.  

Below are some photos of the fun and games at Christmas 2013 at soccer, musical rides, dancing.........

Christmas activities 2013